Graduates of the 2nd cohort of Graduate Enterprise Academy marking their day
Graduate Enterprise Academy second cohort group which is currently undergoing training
Graduate Enterprise Academy mentors from Business School and cohort members engage in a discussion
Dr. Gicharu addressing the Graduate Enterprise Academy mentors and cohort
Pioneer graduates of the MKU Enterprise Academy

1. What is Enterprise Academy? It is a semi-autonomous residential facility established by Mount Kenya University to inspire and mentor potential entrepreneurs for job and wealth creation.
2. Who is eligible? All MKU graduates.
3. How do I apply? All applications must be submitted online through here
4. Is there any application fee or any other charges? NO.
5. Can I send more than one business idea application? NO, only one application per applicant.
6. Is the application only for individual? NO, you can apply either as an individual or as a group. However, the main applicant must be an MKU graduate.
7. Does the grant attract interest? NO, But there is a commitment to support the academy through remitting of 10% of your enterprise  annual income.
8. Can the apprenticeship be extended or deferred? NO, only on exceptional cases such as sickness.
9. What is the maximum funding? Kshs 800,000.
10. Is it repayable? NO.but the beneficiaries are expected to support the revolving fund as stated in No.7  above.
11. Do I need collateral? NO.
12. How long is the monitoring period after the apprenticeship?  Nine (9) months since the entire programme is strictly for 1 year.
13. Do I receive a certificate? YES, after a successful apprenticeship. THIS IS NOT AN ACADEMIC CERTIFICATE.
14. Is there restriction on Nationality? NO, the only criterion is that you be an MKU graduate.
15. If I am successful, how do I meet my living expenses? All successful applicants admitted to the academy will be provided with accommodation and a reasonable living allowance.
16. How soon will I know the outcome? All successful applicants will be notified by November 30, 2013.

NB: Only successful applicants will be contacted.

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